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20-26 March 2023: HARMONY WEEK

Harmony Week - ‘Everyone Belongs’. Harmony Week invites us to celebrate our National diversity and recognise that our diversity is our strength. This year’s theme of “Everyone Belongs” is an opportunity to reflect. What are you doing each day to ensure that “Everyone Belongs”?

To find out more, click here, or make contact with your Inclusion Professional.

Centre Based Day Care

Access information and resources about the free tailored support available to educators working in Centre Based Day Care services.


Family Day Care

Inclusion Professionals recognise that the inclusion journey of each Family Day Care service and educator is unique. Learn more about the support available.


Out of School Hours Care

Learn more about the free tailored support and resources available for educators working in Out of School Hours Care services.


How we support you

Educators are supported by our team of Inclusion Professionals, who are based at Inclusion Hubs across NSW and the ACT.

Inclusion Professionals recognise that the inclusion journey of each service and educator is unique. The support they provide is tailored to meet the individual needs of each service.

Using a strengths-based approach, including coaching and practical inclusion advice, Inclusion Professionals support services and educators through a combination of phone appointments, online appointments and service visits.

Please access the service type specific links above to learn more about the support and resources available to support you.

How to Access Support

Please contact your Inclusion Professional directly, at a time that is convenient for you. Their contact details can be located at the bottom of each email they have sent your service.

Alternatively, please contact our friendly team at the IA Help Hub on 1800 703 382 (toll-free) or email us at

The NSW/ACT Inclusion Agency will contact your service at least twice each year, via phone or email. This provides you with the opportunity to access support and share your inclusion achievements and challenges with your Inclusion Professional.

Your Inclusion Professional will share with you information about available inclusion resources, upcoming professional conversations opportunities and program support options.

We look forward to working with you soon and supporting you with your inclusion planning.