Under the ISP, funding will be available for ECCC services to address barriers to inclusion through the Inclusion Development Fund (IDF), including subsidising the employment of an additional educator in centre based services, a subsidy top up for FDC educators, and funding to support innovative and flexible solutions to inclusion barriers.

There are four funding streams available to address barriers to inclusion that cannot be resolved through support from an Inclusion Agency (IA) or the Specialist Equipment Library (SEL). The four streams of IDF support have different eligibility criteria, application processes and approved funding purposes.

  • IDF Subsidy for an Additional Educator provides per hour funding to centre based services. This subsidises the employment of an additional educator to increase the educator to child ratio in the care environment. The increased ratio assists educators to support the inclusion of children with ongoing high support needs alongside their peers. 

  • The IDF Subsidy for Immediate/Time limited Support enables centre based services to immediately engage an Additional Educator to assist with the inclusion of a child with a disability, undergoing assessment for disability, or children presenting with challenging behaviours. This is for a limited period of time while alternative support options are being considered. 
  • The IDF FDC Top Up provides a fee top up payment to an educator who is including a child with additional needs, with ongoing high support needs. If the child requires significant additional support resulting in the educator being unable to enrol the maximum number of children allowed under National Law the educator may be eligible for FDC Top Up.
  • Innovative Solutions Support funds flexible and alternative solutions to address inclusion barriers which are not funded under other IS support streams and addressed through support provided by the Inclusion Agency. Inclusion Agencies can assist services to identify and apply for Innovative Solutions Support. Bicultural Support is an option for support through the IDF Innovative Solutions.

The development of a Strategic Inclusion Plan (SIP), with your Inclusion Professional, is the first step to accessing support from the Programme. If after you have completed your SIP, you and your Inclusion Professional identify that funding support is required, your Inclusion Professional can assist you to apply for IDF funding. For further information about developing a SIP please refer to 'Overview of the Strategic Inclusion Plan'.

For further information about the Inclusion Development Fund, including how to apply and claim please visit the IDFM website.