Professional Learning can be a great way to build knowledge, skills and confidence around inclusion. With the wide variety of professional learning opportunities available including conferences, webinars, workshops and other online forums, it can be difficult to choose which opportunities to invest in.

When choosing professional learning sessions for yourself and your team, consider the following questions:

  • Have you identified any specific professional learning needs in your QIP?
  • How will the knowledge gained be implemented in your program and practices?
  • What opportunities will be available for the knowledge, skills and ideas to be shared with other team members?
  • Is there a professional learning opportunity available that will ‘stretch’ team thinking and challenge ideas and practice?

Professional Learning Opportunities


Free Webinar re Changes to the NQS

Hosted by Early Childhood Australia's Learning Hub.
Duration: 30 mins approx.

Free Webinar - Helping Children Manage Emotions

Hosted by Kids Matter.
Duration: 1 hour approx.

Free Online Learning Modules and Webinars for Educators - Early Years Connect

Early Years Connect inclusion resources for early childhood educators.
Duration: Approx. 35mins - 1 hour each module.

Partnerships with Families for Inclusive Practice

Hosted by Early Childhood Australia's Learning Hub.
Cost: $38.50
Duration: 1 hour 18mins.

Professional Partnerships for Early childhood Inclusion

Hosted by Early Childhood Australia's Learning Hub.
This module explores how improved outcomes for children with developmental delay, disability or additional and complex needs can be achieved when early years professionals deliberately and strategically work in partnership with one another.
Cost: $38.50

7th SNAICC National Conference

Videos of keynote presentations from the 7th SNAICC National Conference held in Canberra in September, 2017.
Duration: Approx. 36mins - 1 hour 30mins each presentation.

Community Early Learning Australia (CELA) Learning and Development

CELA’s training calendar lists courses, learning events and webinars for educators working in early and middle childhood.
Topics include: Aboriginal Culture and Perspectives, Inclusive Celebrations, Positive Guidance of Children’s Behaviour in OSHC and Family Inclusion in Children’s Learning.


AJEC Research Symposium

16-17 February  2018
Event Location:
QUT Brisbane
This symposium encourages early childhood practitioners, students, policy-makers and academics to come together to share cutting-edge knowledge and to strengthen their research networks in Australasia and beyond.

Australian Early Development Census Conference

14-16 March 2018
Event Location:
Melbourne Exhibition and Convention Centre
Cost: For information on registration rates click here
Learning from the Australian story what we know works to improve outcomes for Australian children. 
The 2018 National conference seeks to consolidate the evidence base that is being built in Australia about what works for children and families in the early years.


Supporting mental health and wellbeing in early childhood education Conference

16 March 2018
Event Location:
Chatswood, Sydney
Cost: $210
Keynote speaker: Dr John Irvine, Clinical and Family Psychologist. Sessions include: Caring for emotional health of young children. Documentation – designing collaborative education plans with families and other professionals that support children experiencing challenges with mental health, wellbeing through mindfulness, movement and play and parents with mental health issues – understanding and supporting their needs and caring for me: how to protect my own mental health for optimum resilience as an educator.

2018 Reconciliation Symposium

11 and 12 March 2018
Event Location:
Freemantle, Western Australia
Advancing reconciliation in early childhood education and care Engage in reconciliation & discover practical tips.

A Sensory Processing Approach to Challenges Associated with Autism, ADHD, Learning and Behavioural Differences

Event Location: Sydney (29th April), Newcastle (12th May), Canberra (6th April), and Wollongong (5th May) dates
Cost: Early bird $219 until 1 month prior to workshop date, then $245
Presented by international speaker and songwriter Genevieve Jereb O.T., "The Traffic Jam In My Brain” is a fun, informative and interactive seminar designed for parents, therapists and other professionals. You will gain understanding of the basics of sensory processing and learn "ready-to-use" strategies to support learning, attention, social and emotional relationships and behaviour in children.

Aboriginal Early Childhood Conference

23 June 2018
Event Location:
Prestons, NSW
Cost: $256.04
Embedding Aboriginal perspectives into your early childhood curriculum is a central part of our everyday practice in early childhood. Listening to and engaging with Aboriginal perspectives is critical in shaping how you embed them. The Aboriginal Early Childhood Conference brings together intergenerational expertise and experience in creating and working with Aboriginal perspectives in early childhood.

Early Childhood Australia National Conference

19-22 September 2018
Event Location: 
International Convention Centre Sydney
Cost: For information on registration rates click here
This event brings people together to recognise the impact of high-quality early childhood education on the lives of young children and their families, as well as the importance of investing in ongoing professional development for educators, teachers and sector leaders.


Professional Learning Disclaimer

This page provides a listing of professional learning relating to inclusion which may be of interest to educators. The NSW/ACT Inclusion Agency aims to list inclusion-related, high quality professional learning from reputable sources on this page, however the NSW/ACT Inclusion Agency cannot regulate or guarantee the quality or accuracy of details, and relevance of events listed. Please note, information on this page is obtained from a range of external suppliers and the NSW/ACT Inclusion Agency is not responsible for any errors or omissions. All content on this page is shared here for information purposes only and the NSW/ACT Inclusion Agency does not endorse or promote any specific event or organisation listed on this page. Early Childhood and Child Care services should use their own professional judgements when deciding what professional learning will best suit their needs.
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